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The gift that keeps on giving


With shipping delays and product shortages on the horizon, shopping this holiday season may feel a little different.

My advice to you when searching for a gift for your family, friend, neighbor, child’s teacher, etc.,  is instead of buying from large corporations or cheaply made products from overseas, look local or better yet, gift a moment they will never forget.

Now when I say “gift a moment”, what I am referring to is what I like to call an experience gift. Ultimately, it is an opportunity to make a memory. When I reflect on my all time favorite “gifts” they tend to be memories made or time spent with a loved one. I do not think about the Barbie dolls or dazzling video game consoles laying under the tree. What comes to mind are the memories we made: baking cookies, dancing in the living room, laying out carrots for Santa's reindeer and the list goes on.

As I’ve gotten older, I appreciate these types of gifts even more. My parents could hand me an invitation to dinner in their home and I would feel like the luckiest kid alive. I just know the night will be filled with laughter and fun. 

If you want to purchase the gift that keeps on giving, buy the tickets to that concert, take the scenic route or book that vacation with a loved one. I promise your child will love you for it, your parents will talk about it forever and your friends will never forget it. 

Being intentional with your time is the best advice I could ever give you during the holidays. The time you spend with loved ones could become some of your and their favorite memories. I guarantee those moments will last longer than anything you ordered off of Amazon. 

Who knows how long we will have to walk the earth, so give your time to those you love. It is definitely a gift you will not regret giving. 


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