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Roger's Ramblings


Hi everyone, I am so very glad to be back with week seven as we learn about two Holocaust victims of Hitler’s death camps to eliminate all Jews. Let’s do a quick review so we can get our new readers up to par.Their names were Otto and Zelda. They lived amongst us in our community keeping their past very private. She had her Nazi numbers across her forehead and he had his numbers on his forearm. This story is not easy to write about because it is so very terrible. Also: after getting started on this series: Hamas terrorists of Gaza invaded Israel. They killed and wounded thousands and beheaded dozens of young children to make a point of their hatred of Israel. Folks, friends and neighbors, how can human beings have such hatred toward others to be able to slaughter innocent civilians and children with no more thought than stepping

on a cockroach? Before going on with our story of Otto and Zelda we need to review and learn about the background of the German Nazi government and the official government line of Iran who controls the actions of the militant groups that constantly attack Israel. In the proxy nations of Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, school children are all taught to hate Jews from a young age. How do nations change their culture and the way their population thinks as being normal and O K? For a very quick review of how Hitler did it read carefully and compare his methods and just think about what is happening to America today. Number one, indoctrinate children. In America today many schools are embracing the LGBT agenda very strongly. Pride flags and parades are

considered no big deal anymore and are accepted as normal. Five years ago I read the book of a grade schooler and learned more about LGBT than I wanted to know. Also: whether it be China, Russia, Nazi Germany or the enemies of Israel one common thread is taking all Bible teaching away. The Gideons of America have a difficult time giving Bibles to children. More and more restrictions are imposed because school leaders know Bible teaching does not always go along with Washington’s policies and school funding would be jeopardized. Hitler when coming to power imposed mandatory Bible burning instantly because he knew it was against everything he was trying to indoctrinate his nation to become. Make the government the big G and have God Almighty of the Bible the little g. Also: Hitler labeled Jews as scum and Jews were lower

than rats and mice. In America folks who do not go along with liberal ideas have been called domestic terrorists and deplorables. Hitler when he came to power in 1933 killed or imprisoned anyone who did not agree with his ideology. Hitler taught that all Jews needed to be killed and that the German people were supreme. O K my friends we are now ready to learn the history of our Zelda and Otto who are by now the only survivors of both of their families. We have learned in past issues that the Nazis have already murdered their parents and all siblings. Our Zelda was sent to Auschwitz and narrowly escaped the gas chamber. Our Zelda gets processed by getting her hair shaved, prison clothes and two left shoes that do not fit. Also a cup that is to be used for bathroom use and eating. She got whipped 5 lashes just for asking why she had to have her hair cut. Bruised and bloody she is thrown into a barracks and given a plank to lay down on with a near dead skeleton of a human being that has been starved and sick for 4 weeks. The others tell her if she is to survive you must shut up and do what they say without

question at all times. Suddenly a rat runs across the floor and is quickly caught and eaten by three of the ladies. They look at Zelda and say to her, honey you better get rid of your high minded thoughts quickly or else you will be gassed and roasted within a week. Our Zelda quickly finds out the routine is to lay down at nine and up at five. We go outside and stand for three hours each morning waiting for the German officers to begin the daily selection. If for any reason you are not strong and healthy you will be instantly sent to the death chambers or if you do not do exactly as they say you will get a bullet behind your ear. That night our Zelda lay beside a dying corpse that pulled her last breath about midnight and the body became very cold and frightening. The other ladies told her to pull the body to the middle and go back to sleep. The barracks had deaths every evening and this was normal. The next morning breakfast consisted of a cup of rotten potato soup that stunk. Our Zelda swallowed it down and quickly ran over to the corner and threw up instantly. A woman guard quickly comes in sees what has

happened and gives her a swift kick and tells her that she ought to feel grateful to get anything to eat since she is only a low life Jew. The morning whistle for roll call is blowed and they have five minutes to line up and stand motionless for three grueling hours as a way to torture everyone with no mercy. The guards quickly pull anyone out that does not comply 100%. Finally the Captain comes around and walks up and down the rows of ladies and picks out a few of the weak ones to be sent to the gas chambers and the rest of them are marched for one mile to a war factory to work as slave labor. Our Zelda worked the day shoveling coal into an iron smelter that was making tank tracks. At the end of the day our Zelda came marching back with the others and was given a cup of nasty looking soup that has floating flies and maggots. The next day the procedure repeated itself and after three weeks our Zelda is becoming very weak. Most

of the original ladies have already been sent to the gas chamber and everyday newly captured Jewish women are added to her barracks. On her twenty-first day they line up and all of a sudden a gunshot can be heard and a Nazi guard pulls the body out of the latrine facility. With a sinister smile and hateful voice she demands another Jew to take her place in keeping the latrine material carried away. He points over to our Zelda-You! That’s right you! Get over here and keep the latrine shoveled and clean for now on. Take the manure to the dead body pit everyday. Here’s a bucket and shovel to do your job with or else you will be next to die. Our Zelda gets pushed down by the guard and is now laying on the floor soiled with human waste and wants to die. She is weak and depressed and for the first time begins to think death would be welcome. Oh no folks, our time is up so quickly again. The psychopath killers of Auschwitz death camp are just beginning to show their true colors. Next week we will see what happens to

our Zelda as she is on the edge of death. More Ramblings next week. P. S. We will eventually get to Otto’s story also.


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