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One year later


June 4, 2023, officially marked my one year here at the Marshfield Mail.

One year of running around the county, learning about the people and what makes the different cities tick. I've honestly been having a blast. I've gotten to write outside my element, making me a better writer.

I recently looked back on my work over the year and the progress I made, not only myself but the paper as a whole.

I looked back on the writers that came before me and all the stories they told. Seeing how the paper has changed since its first publication 131 years ago is impressive. I could not help but compare my work to those before me. I will not lie. Some self-doubt started creeping up.

I will admit I'm not the worst writer ever, and of course, I'm not the greatest since sliced bread, but I know this much. I'm improving over time.

Anytime I am learning a new skill or writing and doubt comes in, or I start criticizing myself, I remember what Jake from Adventure Time once said, "Dude, sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something."

I'm happy writing for The Marshfield Mail and covering all of Webster County and all the people who call this place home.

What will the future hold? What stories will be told? Who knows, but I hope I get to write a few of them.

Until then, thank you for reading, and as always, try to have a good rest of your shift.


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