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One Game at a Time: Jays fall short against Forsyth 62-70


Hitting the courts and starting their 2022 season was the Marshfield Boys basketball team. The Jay's first opponent of the season was the Forsyth Panthers. The first quarter appeared to be an even match with a score of 17-17. During that same quarter, Marshfield would score a trio of three-pointers: two by #2 Merrick Dennis and by #4 Tegen Curley. The rest of the game, though, would see the Panthers prowl and lead the board. The game would end with Forsyth winning 70 to Marshfield 62.

"We have a lot to learn from this game," explains John Cherne III, Head Coach for the Marshfield Boys team. "We did not move our feet well and used our hands too much, so we have some things to work on and get better at."

Game one players and stats:

#2 Junior Merrick Dennis- 11 points, one 2-pointer, and three 3-pointers.

#4 Sophomore Tegen Curley- 13 total points, two 2-pointers, one 3-pointer, and six free throws made.

#10 Sophomore Brayden Hicks- 1 total point, one free throw made.

#23 Senior Zack Mings- 21 total points, nine 2-pointers, and three free throws made.

#24 Senior Bryant Bull- 11 total points, four 2-pointers, and one 3-pointer.

#34 Junior Jacob Carr- 5 total points, one 2-pointer, and one 3-pointer.

As of the writing of this article, the Marshfield boys' team won their first game in the Pierce City Invitational Tournament against Exeter 77-45 on Monday, Nov 28. The tournament will end on Friday, Dec 2.

Mail Photos by John "J.T." Jones


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