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Oktoberfest celebration with SafeHarbor!


The fine folks of Safe Harbor Victim Assistant hosted their first annual event: 

Oktoberfest. The evening was filled with games, music, prizes, and beer trees!

However, the night's true purpose was to raise funds to purchase land to build a victim shelter. Its speaker and board member, Lisa Saylor, shared her previous experience of domestic abuse: she wanted to leave her situation but hesitant because her abuser knew where she would go.

Saylor would continue and talk about the need for shelter and how heartbreaking it is every time Safe Harbor has to turn someone away due to space.

Following the heartfelt speech, the event would continue with a musical performance by Trish from the musical duo Westhill and the silent auction. Raffle winners were announced, but due to lack of tickets sold, Safe Harbor turned the Challenger Car raffle into two drawings of $500. Buyers of the previous tickets were asked if they wanted a refund, and most said no. Congratulations to Jennifer Highley of Seymour and Wanda Heideman of Marshfield for winning the $500.00.

In total, the raffle and Oktoberfest raised $15,000. Safe Harbor deposited the money to its Shelter Building Fund account. The organization is seeking between $50,000 to $100,000 to purchase land. With hopes of building a shelter in the future.

Safe Harbor wishes to thank everyone who participated in the raffle and event. Your contribution will help the lives of many.


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