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Marshfield school board approves raises for district employees


The Marshfield Board of Education met on Monday, May 24, approving a new salary schedule and bond documents.

For the salary schedule, each hourly employee of the district will receive a .30 cent addition to their base pay. Certified employees are getting a $500 addition to the base as well as moving up a step on the pay schedule. In addition to this, it was decided that any school district employee who had frozen years would have them granted back. A frozen year refers to a time period where teachers were unable to receive a raise or move up on the pay scale. 

“At the start of next school year there shouldn’t be anymore talk of frozen years any longer,” said Assistant Superintendent Mike Henry. “Those have all been granted back.”

Henry explained that the bond that was passed in April is going to be sold in two chunks. 

“One will be sold July 7 which is $5 million of the bond. It will actually generate about 9% more than that because our school district is in a good spot financially and we’re selling those at a premium,” explained Henry. “Then we’ll do it again in early 2022 for the remaining $3.5 million, which will also generate about 9% more.”

As for the Early Childhood Center, maintenance crews have begun digging up water mains and identifying sizing, materials as well as replacing aged drains. Henry said this week, playground equipment will be moved to allow for room for construction equipment.

“We’re looking at early July before there will be big equipment and real work toward the project goal being done,” he added. “Our goal is to open that up in August of 2022.”

The board also approved bank bids, which are required to do every five years and extended the school’s agreement with Brooks Gas for another year. The roles of Secretary and Treasurer were also filled. Exiting Treasurer, Shelly Pursifull retired from the position. It will now be held by Marta Fraker, who will serve in both Treasurer and Secretary roles as it used to be when Christi Mackey was employed. The next Board of Education meetings will be held on June 28 and July 19.


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