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Lifting with Pride


Staying in shape is always important, especially for athletes during their off-season. For Coach Cam Bruffett, the offseason presented a possibility for Logan-Rogersville athletes, "I'm big into lifting, and I knew that powerlifting was at other schools and Rogersville never had one. So I tested the waters for a few years, and it grew. All these athletes in the school come together. It's pretty cool. I don't know many guys and girls who travel together like this. It is a unique thing."

This unique group consists of students like senior Maddy Steward, who participates in many activities such as Pomcats Dancing and track and field. "I did competitive gymnastics for seven years. And then, after that, I started dancing, and I always kept muscle build and bulkiness. So I started lifting in high school. I've lifted for four years, and we started offering the powerlifting program again after COVID. I knew I wanted to be a part of it."

Powerlifting was also an interest for Senior Football player Luke Hauer. "Well, I've kind of always enjoyed lifting. But, of course, you are supposed to train for strength with football. But now that I'm done with football, I was lifting one day and thought powerlifting might be fun to participate in this season."

Where is fun in lifting, though, if there is not a little competition involved?

The powerlifting season involves three matches which start in January against a few other schools, with the last match in March. The students do have the option to move on, but Coach Bruffett says that it is up to them. "As far as how we compete with other schools, It's like a club. There are opportunities for the students to compete at an age group in a Missouri Powerlifting Association type thing, and if they do well, I always ask, 'Hey, do you want me to enter you in?'"

All the students have yet to accept the offer to move on and are content with the three matches they already participate in. "I love competing. I'm very competitive." laughs Stewart. "So I like competing in the weight room here. But that is just against my peers. So actually, going somewhere else against people you do not know. It's an opportunity to show off what I've been learning, and it's a whole different level. Whenever you compete somewhere else because you're uncomfortable there, it's an adrenaline rush, and I can lift so much more."

Hauer recalls the first time he competed, "It was pretty eye-opening to see the competition area, but it's just fun. Many of the guys these meets don't take it 100 percent seriously."

Four students earned a medal in their first competition this season, including both seniors Stewart and Hauer, who placed first. In their second competition, The LR powerlifting team earned 17 medals, including the boys' team placing second and the girls' team getting first. With the last meet on March 4 in Glendale, the team is excited.

"Having the opportunity to represent their school and compete. That's what makes it worthwhile for me," told Coach Bruffett. "They do all the work and the lifting. I'm just here to give some advice, but seeing them succeed is really rewarding."


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