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Happy To Serve and Help


The day of celebration at the Webster County courthouse last Friday, Dec 30, continued with a goodbye. After serving Webster County for 12 years, Gary Don Letterman, Recorder of Deeds, retired, and a party was held in his honor, complete with punch, cake, gifts, and fellowship.

"It's just gonna be a continuation into my life," told Letterman. "Everything worked out for retirement, my Social Security, and my age. I'll be 67 years old next month. So everything came together, and it was time to do it." He would chuckle before continuing, "You know, you never want to leave any job you enjoy. I did enjoy this job and did not want to leave it. But it was time, and you have to leave any job at some point. So I'm not leaving with any regrets, just complete happiness. And I have enjoyed my three terms as recorder here in Webster County."

Letterman reflected on his time and service in the county and recalled wanting to help people.

"I enjoyed the public service, being recorder here in Webster County, and getting to help the people because only some people are familiar with these offices. They come in and don't know what they're looking for or need. So it's up to us to ask questions in a way that makes them feel comfortable and be able to find the information they need. It could be to record the document or get a marriage license. So many things were going on."

For six generations, Letterman's family has been in the Webster county area, which helped Letterman out.

"It's all fascinating work. So many of the older families we knew, and most of the time, if people were looking for some family, I could find their grandpa or grandmother's old place. It was nice to help people find things and help them do what they need to do."

Thank you, Gary Don Letterman, for your compassion and service to the county.


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