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Assault on officers


Jessica Rothwell was arrested on November 13, 2022 by Police Corporal Eric Pedersen for harassment, assault and resisting arrest.

According to the probable cause statement, Rothwell’s brother had been arrested previously by the victim- a Webster County Deputy.

The victim, who had previously filed a harassment report with Marshfield Police Department on 11-2-2022, was having lunch in their vehicle when they noticed Rothwell’s truck drive past them. According to the report after Rothwell drove by she began sending messages via Facebook.

Corporal Pedersen and Officer Raith were dispatched to Rothwell’s home where she invited them inside. According to the probable cause statement Rothwell admitted to Pedersen and Raith that “…she was angry…” and “…that she had “dirt” that would ruin (the victims) marriage…” and that was why she continued to communicate with the victim.

After the officers attempted to explain that her actions were considered harassment Rothwell said “she did not care if it was a crime…” then became angry and asked the officers to leave.

During that time Corporal Pedersen determined he had probable cause to arrest Rothwell. According to the probable cause statement at this time Rothwell began to get very agitated, screaming and throwing herself on the floor.

After multiple attempts by the officers to calm Rothwell, she continued to fight and resist arrest. Causing both Corporal Pedersen and Officer Raith to obtain injuries to their hands. Rothwell continued to resist requiring the officers to use force and eventually carry her out of the home. During this time she kicked and fought and struck Corporal Pedersen in the groin causing a second injury.

Rothwell is currently charged with four counts: class A misdemeanor of harassment in the second degree, class A misdemeanor of resisting an arrest, and two class D felonies of assault in the third degree for causing physical injury to both Corporal Pedersen and Officer Raith.


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