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A Slice of Literature


Growing up, adults and schools offered various rewards for reading. Maybe it was a field trip, an ice cream party, or pizza. Then, in 1984, Pizza Hut began a reading program called Book It! The program encourages kids from pre-k to sixth grade to read. In exchange, they get a free personal pizza for free. Schools took off with the program after that.

This program was a win-win situation for kids and parents, and for a while, schools were all Book It! and hosting reading events. Teaching kids to read as it is one of the most critical skills they need in life. But in the past years, like books themselves, Book It! seemed to fade away from the public, destined to be a lost relic of the past. Or so people thought.

Book It! is still alive today, from October to March every year. All Pizza Huts participate in the program, including the Pizza Huts of Marshfield and Strafford. "It is a great incentive for the kids to do their reading and learning," shares Kelly McCullough, Regional Manager for Pizza Hut. "The look on their faces when they come in and give their certificates and get that little pizza is priceless."

But the program is not just for schools and teachers; Parents and homeschools can join in the Book It! Program, all you need to do is visit the official website www.bookitprogram.com and enroll, so why not check out their website and reward the kids once in a while for honing one of the most fundamental skills?


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