The Wright County Children's Home (WCCH) would like to thank everyone who donated to the children’s home throughout 2019. Whether it was a monetary gift, Christmas or birthday gifts for our residents, food, toiletries, stuffed animals, toys, clothing, other items or a prayer on the behalf of our facility, staff and/or residents, it was deeply appreciated!

WCCH provides emergency shelter and care for children who are in crisis due to abuse, neglect or other situations requiring their removal from their home. WCCH opened its door to the first resident in April of 2003 and has taken in a total of 976 residents as of the end of 2019. They have come from 44 Missouri counties, and three residents have come from other states. The residents have stayed at WCCH anywhere from a few hours to over a year. The average stay is about 30 days.

In 2019 WCCH took in 63 residents from 18 Missouri counties. Of these counties Howell, Texas and Wright counties sent the most residents.

WCCH recently held an Appreciation Open House. Guests were greeted by volunteers Barry and Debbie Baker. Tours of the facility, calendars, refreshments, and door prizes were available. Door prizes were won by Ruth Vaughn and Karen Sinning.

Wright County Children's Home (WCCH) is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. For more information please call 746-1420, check out the WCCH website at, or visit the WCCH Facebook page.

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