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Hollywood Actor Daryl Hannah once said “It’s not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you can really find exciting and inspiring things within your hometown.”

Perhaps this, along with many other reasons, is why Missouri Humanities started the Small Town Showcase, an annual event where towns throughout Missouri are put to a vote. 

Webster County’s very own Seymour has become a finalist, with hopes to make it into the top five. Top five winners will receive a video, podcast and a feature in the Missouri Humanities Magazine. Additionally, a banquet will be held in the town’s honor. It’s an honor for Seymour, and a big deal, as they are the only city representing Webster County. Seymour is 1 of 41 cities across all of Missouri including Lincoln, Cuba and California. Yes, those are located here in Missouri. 

What makes Seymour stand out from the competition is its charming population and exciting amenities. It is home to Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch (SMORR), a park for adrenaline junkies and off-road enthusiasts. What may make Seymour the most unique is its population of Amish; the largest in the country. 

Most importantly, the Missouri Humanities acknowledged Seymour's core values. A strong sense of community, neighborly citizens and optimism. 

Terry Penner, Seymour’s Community Development Director caught wind of the contest and decided to enter Seymour into the competition.

 “We then received a notice that we (Seymour) had been one of the 41 cities selected,” Penner explained. “One of the reasons we applied was the exposure it would bring to our community as well as trying to encourage more people to come and see our area.” Winning the showcase could be considered a win for all of Webster County according to Penner. 

“Not only will it be good for Seymour, it will be good for the whole county. Whenever I do things for Seymour I strive to incorporate our whole community.” 

At the time of publication, Seymour is currently ranked #1 in the Small Town Showcase. 

Want to support Seymour and its quest to become a finalist? Head over to mohumanities.org and vote. Voting ends July 1 and the winners will be announced Aug 1. Otherwise, with summer in full swing, take a trip to Seymour and check out what makes it oh-so exciting and a wonderful place to call home. 



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