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The Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival Auxiliary


The Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival Auxiliary recently held their final meeting of the 2022 Cherry Blossom season on May 21st at the Webster County Library. The meeting was an appreciation event for the festival volunteers. President Jeanette Alcorn called the meeting to order and Past President Joyce Inman gave the opening prayer. Secretary Jill Campbell gave the secretary report and Treasurer Rachel Andrews the treasurer's report. Ruthie Davis Letterman reported on the success of the annual quilt show and Linda Oberbeck and Sarah Inman reported on the Cherry Blossom Tea. Carol Larimore gave a report about the annual Teacher's Breakfast and the Cherry Pie Contest (there were 13 pies entered into the contest). Jeannie Moreno reported on the visits to area daycares and preschools by Cherry the Chicken. Rachel Andrews also reported on the square vendors and Festival Chairman, Nicholas W. Inman gave his festival report. Everyone felt the festival was another huge success with attendees from across the United States and two foreign countries. There was also a tour bus from Minnesota at the festival. President Alcorn thanked all of the members and reminded them all that all the volunteers (like the auxiliary membership) help the festival to be such a success each year. 

As usual, the auxiliary will not have a formal meeting throughout the summer months. However, the membership has several educational trips planned throughout the summer. The traveling group from the membership calls themselves the Cherry Blossom Travelers. During 2022 they traveled to Plains, Georgia; Abilene, Kansas (twice) and Charleston, Missouri. The next formal meeting will take place in September. The dates for the 2023 Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival are April 27-29 and the National kickoff for National First Ladies Day will take place at the 2023 festival. Several members of the National First Ladies Day Commission attended the 2022 festival to make this announcement at the Cherry Blossom Tea. The commission members present included: Mary Jean Eisenhower (granddaughter of President Dwight Eisenhower and Patron of the Cherry Blossom Festival), Massee McKinley (great nephew of President William McKinley), Jennifer Harville (great granddaughter of President Calvin Coolidge), Andrew Och (First Ladies Man and speaker at the 2022 Cherry Blossom Tea), Nicholas W. Inman (Cherry Blossom Festival and First Ladies Day Founder) and Patricia Taft (great granddaughter of President William Howard Taft). Eisenhower and McKinley are the co-chairman of the commission and they have been longtime attendees and supporters of the festival. The National kickoff celebration will be scheduled for Saturday, April 29th as part of the 2023 Cherry Blossom Festival schedule. 

The Cherry Blossom Auxiliary is the volunteer organization of the Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival. The auxiliary sponsors numerous events during the festival and provides volunteers for many of the festival activities. 




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