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Thank you


Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve you the last 10 years.

We (the Board of Aldermen, City Leaders, City Staff, and Community) have accomplished so much in these 10 years. And I am extremely proud to have been a part of it all.

In my first meeting, I wondered why we didn’t start out with a prayer and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. I did a bit of research to discover it is not a violation of any kind to start a meeting in this manner, they even open in prayer and pledge in Kansas City. I presented the idea to the board, and with much discussion, it was decided to have a silent moment followed by the Pledge. The decision for a moment of silence vs a prayer was to avoid the perception of forcing a specific religion or way of thinking on others. We are a diverse community and my ultimate goal was to honor and respect each person in our community. That is was why I was elected.

 One of the most difficult decisions I personally had to make concerning our community, was the closing of our city pool. This pool held many memories for me, some good, some not so good. (Like the time I had to be rescued out of the deep end of the pool by the cute, older lifeguard. SO EMBARASSING).  But, as soon as it was closed, we started the efforts to build a new one. This was also a very important priority to me. Our citizens, our children, needed a pool. With literal blood, sweat, and lots of tears, we got a new, awesome, aquatics facility. A facility I will never use. As I hinted at, I do not swim. I worked very hard to provide our community with a place I cannot even use. That is how much I love our community. It was never about me, but all about our community. That is why I was elected.   

Things were not always rosy. It is so true that you can’t make every person happy. There are times that decisions are made that aren’t popular, or not what a specific person or group wants, but any decisions made by me, were made with the citizens best interests at heart. That is why I was elected.

 Marshfield has the BEST staff of any community! Every single employee is awesome, and greatly appreciated by me, and the board. It is obvious that you love Marshfield and you are proud to be here.  I hope I have been able to tell each employee, personally, how much I appreciate them and respect them, if not, please know, I will continue to support you and appreciate you. YOU ARE THE BEST.   YOU!   That is why I was elected.

 There have been so many accomplishments made in the last 10 years, I am sure I will forget some of them:

New water tower and water improvements - this is the main reason I ran for Alderman, we needed better water. I am so glad this is finally on a schedule to complete.

New Interchange on I-44 – What an opportunity for our community to grow, and this is just the beginning.

New aquatics facility – and the beginning of the community activity center

Increased police department – We have the best police department around (but I’m not biased at all).

Renewed rapport between the city and the county – this helps in so many ways. Working together is always the best way to operate.

Combining County and City fire departments to make way for a fully staffed fire department vs volunteer, this is so awesome for our community!!  Quicker response time is crucial.

THIS is why I was elected.

 I know the city is in fantastic hands with the remaining board members and the new, incoming board members. We have a wonderful group that will continue to keep our citizens and the success of our city as their main priority. This is why YOU are elected.

 *Side note to the incoming Board Members- You were elected to represent ALL citizens. Remember this. Not just the loudest voices. Not just the group that you agree with. There are times when you must vote against your personal opinion, because it’s what is best for the community. There are times you have to vote against the loudest voices, because it’s what is best for the community. Listen to the educated voices. Listen to the small voices, the ones who don’t want to cause a ruckus. Their voices deserve to be heard too. Open your minds to the opinions of others.

               THIS is why you were elected.


With much gratitude,

Former West-Ward Alderman

Vicki Montgomery

April 2011 – April 2021


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