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Ten Graduates for Niangua


On Friday May 20, a couple hundred people gathered in the “new gym” at Niangua High School to watch the Niangua class of 2022 graduate. “Here we are, a whole whopping ten of us,” laughed Kaydance Knifong, as part of the shared speech she gave with Lila Wantland to the class. 

The gym was filled with smiling faces, chattering babies, and a whole lot of love for the small group of just ten graduates. The senior class voted for Coach Clint Gazette to be the speaker and he shared some words of wisdom with the class, “Keep as many paths open in front of you as possible…never allow yourself to be stuck with just one path. Start new hobbies, join clubs, make new friends…do not fear failure.” 

After speeches and a song performed by Seniors Elijah Kahre and Ashton Stuber, seniors continued the decades old tradition of presenting roses to family and friends in the audience. It is unclear when exactly the tradition of the roses started but their purpose remains the same: seniors give roses to the people who made an impact in their lives.

The Niangua class of 2022 finished the evening with hugs, cheers and tossing all ten of their caps into the air.



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