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Summer with COVID-19


The last few years have been a rollercoaster of events. They include but are not limited to toilet paper hordes, boats stuck in canals, masks and vaccine questions, political and civil unrest in the world, not to mention the occasional mass hysteria. The source of most frustration can be pointed to as a microscopic 'spiky' shaped ball called COVID-19.

Most would like to pretend the pandemic ended and stayed in 2020, the truth is the world is still in a global pandemic. As of publication, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports there have been a staggering total of 1,002,444 deaths related to COVID-19. Webster County currently has 44 new cases reported, not including home testing kits, which are difficult to track.
Scott Allen, Administrator of the Webster County Health Unit adds despite low numbers, hospitalizations are still on the rise in places like Springfield. “There are hotspot counties in the state, but fortunately Webster County isn’t one of them. But Covid is still prevalent.”

“Not everyone wants to wear a mask or get vaccinated and we (Webster County Health Unit) understand,” Allen says. “The best way to stay safe though is continuing to social distance, have good hand hygiene, and take care of your body. Doing this and staying healthy will help our bodies if we get sick in fighting the virus.”

One of the best ways to fight the virus is to get vaccinated according to the Health Unit. It is highly recommended to be vaccinated and up-to-date on booster shots. Although it is possible to be vaccinated and still catch COVID-19, Allen still encourages vaccination. “That is correct, it’s not going to keep you from getting COVID, but it will probably keep you out of the hospital,” says Allen.
With the 85th Webster County Fair, the 4th of July, and summer in general. People are going to spend time with others. All that is asked while you have fun is to be safe and respect those around you. For more information on COVID-19 or the vaccine, contact the Webster County Health Unit at 417-859-2532


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