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Seymour Police Chief Steven Pouge


Born and raised in the town of Seymour and graduated in 2015, Steven Pogue has been proudly serving his hometown as chief of the Seymour Police Department—something he has always wanted to do.

"That was always my hopes and dreams that all I wanted to be a police officer," said Pouge. "My family has been involved in law enforcement since I was a kid. I would see them work and hear the stories, and I just started thinking, how cool would that be?"

Pogue continued, "My grandfather was the chief of police here in Seymour in the 80s and early part of the 90s, and that pushed me to want to strive to be in the same role. I just never expected to be in the same position in the same town that he was. It was a funny but pretty cool coincidence how it worked out."

There is more to Pouge than being the chief of a police department. He is also a husband and father.

"Yeah, with two kids, they occupy much time when I'm not at work," said Pouge. But when he is working, Pouge is aware that the work of a police chief in a small town is no walk in the park. In a small town, the police play an integral role.

"Being a chief in a small town makes you double your hand in every single pot, so to speak.", said Pouge. "So you're involved in every little thing. You're not just admin; you're out front and traffic and working radar in the school zones with the guys that sit here. You're turning and helping with an investigation for a break-in, theft, or something of that nature, covering anything from sending out reports to stuff to help it out on any calls for service and helping on investigations."

I'd say we get a mix of everything being a chief in the small town," Pouge summarized. "I'm sure almost every chief in Webster County is probably in that same boat."

Between the hustle and paperwork, Pouge has found something about the job to enjoy, and that's the very people he serves.

"My favorite part of my job is definitely the people," said Pouge. "Getting to see and come across the paths of so many people every day. I have the opportunity to visit with people, hear their stories, and tell mine and help them in ways we can. Some people it's nice to catch up with, so the people are what makes my job. That's what I'm here for."


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