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Senior Showcase exhibits hard work of MHS students


The Senior Project Showcase took place April 26 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Marshfield High School.

Seniors presented their research and projects in 16 classrooms throughout the evening to panels of seven community judges. These judges evaluated them on their growth, extension, and application of learning.

There were 120 volunteer community judges for the showcase.

“Our community is integral in raising these students and shaping them into the competent young adults we get to see in their senior year. Our community members have served as mentors and role models to these students, so it is hugely beneficial for students to have modeled for them their mentors' continued involvement in our community,” said Nicki Thompson. “Volunteers at Senior Showcase are able to take pride in cheering on student success, knowing they have all had a key role in helping these students get to this point. Showcase would not be able to happen without the time given by our judges and room hosts.”

Each senior project is chosen by the senior and the only requirement is that it has to fall into one of the following categories: benefit to self, benefit to school, or benefit to the community. It also helps the students show what the community means to them and what they have learned over the period of their high school career.

“The Senior Project represents the growth that the students have obtained from their experiences,” said senior Zane Wood.

Kirsten Ward added that, “Hard work really pays off. You have to really, “Trust the process” and everything will be okay.”

Senior Travis Greenfield spoke about his experience saying that, “It is a great relief to show off the work that you’re proud of. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, but in the end you’ll get a pot of gold.”

Senior Macie Vestal raised over $1,500 by running a bake sale and all of the proceeds from the bake sale went to Safe Harbor towards building a domestic violence shelter. Safe Harbor is a nonprofit organization that helps survivors and their families located in Webster County and the surrounding communities.

“My biggest take away from the Senior Project was to not limit yourself to something small. Do the extra work and make it a big deal or even just make it the best you can. The more you put in the more you will get out of it,” Vestal said. “Do not just do a project to do one, do it to leave an impact!”

Senior Morgan Green’s project was a 5k run through Marshfield. The proceeds for this project went to the Mercy Pediatric Unit for better accommodations for patients and their families.

Senior Abigail Ray’s project was a Blanket Drive and a GoFundMe to benefit Choices Pregnancy Center.

Senior Taylor Clift’s project was focused on reducing the waste of single use containers. She sold products such as sugar scrubs, wax melts, candles, and lip balms. All of these items were sold in reusable containers to eliminate waste and promote recycling.

Senior Sally McHardy’s project focused on ecology and helping the community by testing the quality of the water. This benefited our community as it is important for us to know if the water we are drinking is safe to consume.

Senior Savannah Mann led an assembly at the Junior High that focused on Overcoming All Odds and had a guest speaker John Stroup.

Senior Abbigale Loftis’s Senior project raised $1,086 for Rescue One’s Trap-Neuter-Release Program. This program involves trapping outdoor cats, spaying or neutering them, giving them their vaccines, and then releasing them back to the territory that they are familiar with. Abbigale alongside accepting donations in class for sweets, also ran a GoFundMe.

“The biggest takeaway from my project is that things don't happen on their own. Everything needs a lot of work and there are hard-working people who make everything happen,” Loftis said. “I spent a lot of time on this project and it really showed me the value of working hard and seeing all of that work pay off.”

Carter Detherow’s senior project was the Blue Jay Slush Rush Bus Delivery, which he raised $1,025.63 and all proceeds went to the Marshfield’s High School’s Special Olympics Team.

To see more photos, search for “senior projects” at www.marshfieldmail.com.


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