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Rogersville Chief Paul Laughlin


Paul Laughlin was born and raised in Rogersville. He was raised around law enforcement and wanted to be a part of it.

"I actually wanted to be a cop because my dad was an officer with Springfield for quite a few years," said Laughlin.

Though his path to becoming an officer was not straight, much like life, there were twists and turns.

"I graduated from Logan-Rogersville in 1984, then got married," said Laughlin. "A few years later, I went through the police academy. I started law enforcement in 1989 and started in Fordland and was there for six or seven years. I then quit there and worked as hospital security for a couple of years, then I came back here, and well the rest is history."

Being the police chief is not always glamorous, as there is a lot of work behind the scenes.

"There is a lot of paperwork," said Laughlin. "I also answer calls and emails but I do also respond to calls with the other officers."

When he is not at the desk or in a patrol car, Laughlin admits there is nothing like the outdoors to unwind.

"When I get a chance, I like hunting and fishing. I also enjoy going to the lake to get away for a while and clear my head or just sit outside and watch nature; it's peaceful."

Laughlin knows, though, that when it comes to serving Rogersville, the people matter.

"I enjoy going out there and being with the public," said Laughlin. "I really like getting out there, talking to people, and just visiting and doing what we can to help them."


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