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Once Upon a Mattress: a musical fairytale for all


Things will be charming and sleepy at the Carl & Glessie Young Auditorium as the Marshfield High School presents Once Upon a Mattress. The director and Speech & Debate teacher for Marshfield High School is Greg Holtschneider. He hopes the performing nights are filled with great storytelling.

"This is the musical version of the fairytale "The Princess and the Pea," and we hope that audiences will enjoy the beautiful scenery and costumes but also feel the energy and fun that the actors are having on stage. The show is filled with cute and funny moments that can be enjoyed by all."

The show starts at 7:00 p.m. and runs on Nov 17, 18, and 19.

Tickets are for Adults -$7.50 and Seniors/Students -$5.00 and can be purchased in person or by calling 417-859-2165 ext. 1728.

Cast and Crew includes:


Dramatis Personae: (In order of appearance)

Minstrel - Luke Rockwood

King Sextimus - Walter Totten

Queen Aggravain -Emily Grooms

Prince Dauntless - Gunnar Mohn

Princess #12 -Tayla Smith

Wizard - Liam Bergthold

Lady Larken/Nightingale Singer - Bryna Norman

Rowena -Shayla Smith

Merrill -Ava Smith

Lucille -Alyssa Spencer

1st Lady - Kitchen Wench #1 -Natalie Cruise

2nd Lady -Kaylee Hobbs

3rd Lady -Kate Cochran

Jester -Theo Mann

Sir Studley/3rd Knight - Sam Holtschneider

Lady Beatrice -Skylar Heinzel

1st Knight/Sir Harold - Zane Wood

Sir Harry - Ian Thompson

Kitchen Wench #2/Lady Isabella -Kaitlyn Riggins

Kitchen Wench #3/Emily(Maid) -Anna DeRossett

Lady Gretchen -Jasper Boone

Lady Charlene/Lady H -Mackenna Mendes

Princess Winnifred -Cayley Dooly


Director -Greg A. Holtschneider

Music Director -Juliana Beatie

Choreographer - Kaleb Patterson

Art Director - Tina Hyde

Recording Master - Amica Bonitz

Lighting Managers & board operation - Tucker Gray & Cooper Harrod

Spotlight Operators -Savannah Brand & Cash Bright

Sound Coordinator - Allie McCormick

Sound Assistant - Jayla Latham

Stage Managers - Mya Doty & Anna DeGuire

Costume Manager -Lauren Replogle

Costume Crew -Ethan Rockwood, Taylor Clift, Travis Moore, Boden Fairweather

Properties Manager -Lillian Macdonald

Props/running crew - Alexandra Macdonald, Libbey Kastning

Flyline Operator -Dawson Harrod

Hair & Make up coordinator - Raina Barth

Hair & Make up Crew -Lou Westfall, Chante Michaud, Jasper Beers, Elizabeth Corkins

Head Usher - Erik Johnson

Ushers -EmmaRae Smith, Amber Clemons

Box Office Manager - Bee Steen

Box Office staff -Jordan Steen

Advanced Ticket sales window - Brooklyn Aikins

Advertising Manager -Evelyn Wilcox

Lobby Display -Anna DeGuire

Program -Michael Ragsdale

Editor -Angela Holtschneider

Poster & T-shirt Designs: - Michael Ragsdale

Set Construction - Lauren Replogle, Sam Holtschneider, Allie McCormick, Walter Totten,

Raina Barth, Skylar Heinzel, Hailey Barnes, Cylea Stalker, Caitlynn

Stewart, Mollie Thomas, Anna Tilden, Liam Bergthold, Cash Bright,

Gracie Claire, Taylor Clift, Cody Cook, Anna DeGuire, Levi Fuller,

Cooper Harrod, Emma Heitman, Travis Moore, Scarlett Sanders


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