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Niangua Board of Education extends selection process


Extended deliberation at the Niangua R-V Board of Education meeting Friday night did not result in the selection of a new board member.

Despite spending the last third of a three-hour session on the topic, members had different reasons for still not feeling completely at ease with selecting from one of five candidates who put their names forward.

Ultimately, two of the handful stood out in Mattelyn Arthur and Jaren Dalton.

Board members spent some time parsing over applicant’s submissions. 

After some short discussion, board member Bryon Medley mentioned contacting a labor relations representative from the Missouri School Boards' Association when there had been a prior vacancy and elaborated on how she advised interpreting results involving candidates who may have run for a spot in a prior election. 

"Just to automatically...look at the most recent election and [think] maybe we should offer it to the person next on the list, she said that was kind of a flawed mindset to let that person have the seat," Medley said.

Members deliberated aspects including candidates with potential conflicts due to nepotism.

Medley mentioned that Arthur's information that provided some introspect on her background was impressive, while Board President Aaron York mentioned that he believed Dalton, a neighbor, was someone who in his mind was an upstanding individual, and one with younger kids in the school district, an appealing characteristic for others as well.


With members still desiring more information to make an informed decision, the Board agreed on its intent to interview the top pair of candidates at its next meeting on Friday, June 18. 

It was discussed at the beginning of the meeting that moving future sessions to Mondays was of interest, but the next meeting would remain on a Friday.

Also at the meeting, a motion was approved to change the salary schedule with an increase of 2%. 

Another major topic discussed was inconsistencies within policy on sending members of student organizations to contests or trips, particularly in regards to the merit of qualification. FBLA sponsor Jennifer Callaway was on hand to provide clarification and input. Eventually the Board decided to postpone approving expenditure policy and decided to create a committee, open to other sponsors, which should be formed to further iron out policy and bring it to the board.


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