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MHS class becomes career stepping stone 


The path to success does not always begin in college lecture halls or graduate schools, some begin in high school classrooms.

Craig Hurst, language art instructor at Marshfield High School, is carving out a new path to success for students. Hurst encourages and prepares students in his applied communication class to look for alternative options after graduation, a job. 

“The Applied Communication is more of a career focused class,” said Hurst. “Students work on resumes, interview prep and career research. Ideally I try to get kids who are not thinking about going to college to gain some tools to help after they graduate.”

For the last two years, Hurst has ensured that his class provides invaluable and professional skills that benefit his students. Not only do students craft resumes, but they also participate in mock interviews. 

Hurst has cultivated relationships with local businesses and invites them to re-enact the interview process with students. The experience has resulted in mutual connections. 

“It not only creates a networking opportunity for the students, but for the businesses as well,” added Hurst.

A new feature was added this year to better prepare students for the workforce, career visits.

“I asked the businesses that were involved in the interviews if they would be open to having kids come check out their facilities and learn more about their company,” explained Hurst. “We had twenty business offers and from there the kids picked where they were most interested in going.”  

Students toured businesses such as IHeartRadio, Webster Electric, Paul Muller and Springfield Underground. Hurst believes the tours provide students the exposure that is necessary to make connections and gain real life experience.

“The goal is so they are familiar with what options are going to be out there once they graduate,” elaborated Hurst. “There is a lot of potential from that exposure. They become familiar with a face, familiar with HR and that is the person who is going to hire them.”

This is the 9th year Hurst has taught in Marshfield, 10th year teaching overall. His hopes are to continue building the program and exposing students to the hiring process in hopes that one day a leap to the career field will be an easy one. 

“I've tried to get as much real life experience in this program as possible,” stated Hurst. “Things that are directly applicable to them and ease the transition as much as we possibly can.” 

A number of students have made the leap already.

“We had a student in the past who connected with American Products. The business had an opportunity for him to come work while he was still in school,” said Hurst. “He learned skills on the job, including welding and is still working there today.” 

Hurst aims for his students to realize that success can be found down many paths. If interested in finding out more about the class or joining the list of businesses that work with Hurst’s and his students, please contact craig.hurst@mjays.us.



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