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Made in Marshfield


When Governor Parson spoke last week on the square in Marshfield, we had an opportunity to hear about the history of our state, as well as the history of Marshfield from Mayor Natalie McNish. 

While I will be the first to admit I have a lot to learn – I did not realize just how much history Webster County was home to until I heard everything altogether, chronologically in Mayor McNish’s speech. 

She kept using the words unique and resilient, which are perfect descriptions for our town and its people. Regardless of the tribulations and tragedies this city has been faced with since its formation, historically we’ve always found a way to rise.  

Natalie put it beautifully when she said Marshfield’s even unique in the way it’s made… it’s geographically unique. At 1,494 feet above sea level, we have the highest county seat in the state of Missouri, which means we’re already on higher ground… so when we have aspirations, we have to go even higher.

My most high-priority aspiration right now is to delve deep into the history of Marshfield and Webster County. 

Especially all of the unique and resilient details that were mentioned in the Mayor’s speech. 

From the tomato and cream factories to the Trail of Tears, the twister of 1880 to the Hubble Telescope… there is so much to be proud of. 

We have a plethora of unique history to be thankful for. There’s truly no place like Marshfield, Mo. As Parson put it – any day you get to wake up and spend in Marshfield is a good day. 


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