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Live Your You: Loss


This week our community was hit with loss after loss.

I’m not usually one to get sucked down by the weight of other people’s passing but this week I think the losses got to a lot of us.

While having dinner with a friend last week, I learned of another friend losing her dad very suddenly.

Having lost my dad, I think I have a greater sympathy now when people lose their parents.

That news hit me hard.

Then, just two days later, our community lost someone who will forever be remembered as the smiling face at DQ.

Knowing the family, my heart instantly broke for them.

The blows kept coming as I got to work and learned of the loss of a young man I didn’t even know, however, was way to young to be taken so soon.

Loss after loss after loss.

10 obituary’s in the paper this week.

And Christmas is only 18 days away.

Lord knows I’ve used this column to harp on Marshfieldians for their behavior in the past, but this week I want to give this community a pat on the back.

As I drove through town this morning I saw that McDonald’s and Burger King made tribute to the loss at DQ with their advertising signs.

As hard as it was to see that, it was also a light.

A reminder that the community we live in won’t let any of these families feel alone.

As each family who had loss this week mourns and adjusts to a new life without their loved one, I have no doubt that this community will hold them.

They will love them.

They will lift them up over the weeks ahead.

If you’ve lost someone you love-whether it was this week or last year, and you are feeling down as the holidays approach, please reach out.

This community is full of people who will offer an ear, a hug, a prayer.


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