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Live Your You

Cha Cha Cha


You know what they say, whether you are a believer in God or Buddha or just the universe in general-once you give it over to (insert your religious entity) it’ll all work out.

For months I’ve been feeling called to make changes in my life. Essentially burning the candle at both ends trying to do all the things I committed to doing on top of being a wife and mom.

But eventually we all get to a point when something’s gotta give.

When you have to step back and say-some of this just isn’t working for me anymore.

Last month, I finally let myself explore the feelings I was having about the things in my life that I felt called to change. I talked to my husband and then to my close friend. 

I went over what if’s. 

I went over fears.

I went over the “what will everyone think” scenario.

And then I gave it to the universe.

In the last two weeks so many doors have opened.

It’s like I not only gave it to the universe, but in exchange the universe opened my eyes. 

Sometimes it feels scary to do something different.

To step away from an identity that you created.

To leave something behind.

But when we change our way of thinking from goodbye to see ya later things start to look a little different.

When we accept that we can’t always do the same thing the same way forever, we start to accept the possibility that maybe we can do the same thing DIFFERENT.

Cha -Cha-Cha-CHANGES are ahead.

Big ones.

Small ones.

Ones you won’t see.

Ones you definitely will.

But I’ve not felt more at peace in where I’m going in a long time.

Friends, if you are feeling called to make changes-listen to your inner voice. 

Change comes with seasons.

Fall is upon us and winter is coming.

There is no better time than to explore the possibility of change. 


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