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This past weekend I headed to north. A friend of mine was set up at the Carnival of Ink tattoo convention at Lake of the Ozarks. I wanted to go visit her because we are supposed to be doing the same show in Kansas City next month and I wanted to get a feel for the vibe.

Of course, when one heads to a tattoo convention there is the possibility that one may leave with a tattoo.

I even warned my husband that when I came home I might have new ink, to which he replied “whatever you want to do my love”. (Have I mentioned how amazing my man is?)

Anyway, I made the hour drive to the lake and as soon as I entered the convention, I knew she was right. I had found my people.

Every one at the convention was tatted up, fun hair, pierced and really cool.

As I meandered around the event I was excited, I was totally going to get a new fun tattoo.

As I browsed different portfolio books and chatted with different artists, the options for my new fun tattoo rose before me. 

Should I get a big rose? 

Should I get a dagger with a snake around it? 

Should I get an alien space ship sucking up a cow?

I was overwhelmed with options and as I continued my stroll I happened upon two cool chicks from Texas. 

They asked me, “What do you want?” 

I said, “Well, what I truly want you probably don’t have time for. So I’ll probably just get something fun today.” 

Instead of the basic response, like “yeah ok” or “cool”, they pushed. They asked me to tell them about the tattoo I had been thinking about for the last several months. 

So I did. 

I told them about my stupid life mistake, the one that lead me to my sobriety journey, and about my dad passing away and how I spent a year reading books and drinking hot tea and learning lessons.

They took my words and my concept and an hour later, Ashleigh from Texas had taken the vision from my head and put it on paper.

Sunday I got a new tattoo.

My tattoo is a tribute and the closing of a chapter that changed my life.

My tattoo is my outside visual of my survival, my sobriety, my growth.

You never know what a Sunday adventure might bring, that’s why we always have to be open to whatever comes before us. Ready to take a trip, go on an adventure, visit a friend, grab lunch, or get a new tattoo.  


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