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The Day I went Missing


On Sunday I went missing for 43 ish minutes.

I didn’t know I was missing, but to my friends, I was definitely dead.

Here’s the story.


Sunday morning I headed up to Clay Street to do a couple interviews and try to get some writing done for this weeks paper. My neighbor, Heather (owner of The Wild Honey), showed up and I went next door to chat with her.

She has a back room at her shop where she presses cups and shirts and we were back there talking. Since I had only gone next door I left my phone and keys on the counter and my laptop open. 

We were just having a good ol time chit chatting and visiting and after about 45 minutes or so had gone by Heather noticed some commotion outside.

“What’s going on on the square today?” she asked me.

I turned on my stool to try and get a view of the sidewalk and low and behold it was full of cars. 

“Well, I don’t know but wait, that looks like my kid out there,” I replied to her with a hint of concern about why my child who was supposed to be with my husband was on the sidewalk.

We got up and headed towards the front of the store to get a better look. Much to my surprise I saw my best friend Crystal on the sidewalk too. As I opened the door to head outside I saw my other best friend Erin. 

In this weird turn of events, the sidewalk was filled with my people: My husband, my oldest son, my best friend Erin and her son Tanner, my other best friend Crystal and her husband Mike.

“What going on you guys?!” I asked with concern and laughter. 

“Oh my gosh, AMBER!! We have been trying to find you for the last hour!!!” My friend Erin exclaimed.


About 40 minutes prior to the search party assembling my friend Erin had sent me a text asking if I was at home so she could bring out some of those discount football cards my husband purchased two weeks ago and she had been holding hostage. 

Since I had left my phone on the counter, her text went unread.

So she texted my husband to see if we were home so she could run out his cards and he replied that I was at the store and she could just take them there to save her the trip.

When she arrived at my store I wasn’t inside. 

After walking through the store and calling my name, her son spotted my keys and phone on the counter and Erin started to worry. 

She sent another text to my husband who was puzzled as to my whereabouts because I told him I’d be there.

Putting her detective cap on, she checked my car and spotted my purse (which I always leave in the car-though I shouldn’t now that you all know).

With growing concern she texted my husband about asking if I could have gone with Crystal somewhere.

My husband headed to my store and sent a message to Crystal asking if she had seen me. She replied that we had spoken around 8 or 9 ish but hadn’t talked since. 

Now, she too was alerted to my missing status and she too headed to Clay Street.

Within a matter of 5 minutes the entire posse had assembled to begin their investigation into my disappearance. However, it was only seconds after they all arrived that Heather noticed the commotion on the street and we ourselves headed out to investigate. 

After missing for 43 ish minutes, I was found and all was well.

When I retold the story to my sister later that morning, all she had to say was “You guys watch way too many murder documentaries.” 


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