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Is that vandalism or the next Van Gogh


For at least two weeks, as I have been driving back and forth, I have passed through Strafford and noticed a line of train cars with some great artwork. Yes, I’m talking about graffiti, also known as street art.

And yes, I do consider it a form of art. I’m not saying all of it is art, though. Just as anyone can take a paintbrush and make a few random strokes on a canvas, they can grab a spray can and make a few marks or crude images.

What I consider art is work and effort. You can tell from some of those pieces of graffiti that it took more than a few seconds to make those pieces. I know these people are “defacing” public property. Still, these people are simply trying to bring more color to what is otherwise bland.

Again, if the image in question is crude, I agree it shouldn’t be displayed. There are always exceptions to the rule. But I want to credit those who don’t settle for scribbling their name or a specific body part on a wall or car. To those who are taking their time to make art, these beautiful pieces pop out in an otherwise dull environment. I say keep at it. You are doing an incredible job making colors and images pop out. I consider you artists.

Please take the old highway through Strafford and check out those train cars for yourself before they are gone. I think you will find one or two that will catch your eye and really have you reconsider your stance on street art.

Of course, this is just my opinion. Everyone is free to have their own thoughts. Try to have a great rest of your shift.


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