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Improvements on elementary school near completion


The work on the Logan-Rogersville Elementary School building is nearly done.  Logan-Rogersville assistant superintendent Jason O'Neal said they are wrapping up some of the loose ends.

"We have most of the flooring installed," he said. "The entire building has been painted. All of the ceilings are installed. The light fixtures and restroom fixtures are all there and working."

The flooring and athletic equipment (including basketball goals) have been placed, but the bleachers still need to be installed, according to O'Neal. The district did not end up running a kitchen and cafeteria remodel through the 2019 bond projects, but it was able to add that renovation on through existing funds in its budget.

"We started that project a few months ago," said O'Neal. "We're actually close to finishing that up, as well. We feel fortunate enough to be able to go ahead and do that project now because that’s the end of the building where the majority of the addition and all of the renovations were happening with hallways and classrooms. To go ahead and be able to add the cafeteria and kitchen remodel and just get that entire building finished, that was a big goal for us."

O'Neal said they will be doing punch list walkthroughs within a month and should be able to use the new facilities before the end of the school year.

"Basically, it's where you walk through with the contractors and identify anything you see that you want addressed before you completely close out the project, making sure everything works properly," he said.

The only additions to the original elementary building is the library/learning commons and the storm shelter/gym.

"In addition to that extra space we added, we also renovated about half of the existing school, including the hallways, classrooms, kitchen and cafeteria," said O'Neal.

In the spring of 2022, the district plans to run another no-tax increase bond issue. One of the projects on the list is renovating the other half of the elementary school building and doing an addition of four more classrooms on the other end.

"We did the addition of the library and gymnasium, which is a storm shelter on the east end of the building," said O'Neal. "We renovated pretty much the entire front hallway all the way to the east end of the building and then we did the addition of the library and the gym. This next time around, we hope to renovate from the middle of the building, everything to the west end and do an addition of probably four classrooms at that time."

That decision will be made based on an updated demographic study the district will do in the summer and fall.

"We did a demographic study back in 2015," said O’Neal. "We did an update to that 2015 demographic and we had an update given to us in 2018. We are going to go ahead and do another update this summer and fall, just to be sure we are accurately projecting future student enrollment numbers, so when we do run this next no-tax increase bond issue it is based on our student population and our needs."

The bulk of the renovations and additions on the elementary school building will be finished within the next month. It will be completely finished and able to use the new areas (and newly renovated areas) prior to this school year.

"We're very thankful for the support we've received from the community," said O'Neal. "Our community is very proud of our school system and we are very proud of our community, so we are thankful for the support we have received to be able to do these projects. We look forward to doing more as time goes on."


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