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Hudson’s Wish!

How you can help Hudson Gray’s dream come true


For Hudson Gray, his first years of life started off harder than most. First, at such a young age, he was diagnosed with Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, a rare cancer that forms on the brain that he has been fighting for the for the past year. As a result, most of his days have been spent in hospital rooms. Still, one organization has made its mission to give Hudson (and hundreds of others children) the chance to experience a regular childhood and make new memories alongside his family.

Campaign One At  A Time is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to help make children's biggest dreams come true. 

Nick Ordonez, Program Director for Campaign One at a Time (OAAT), explains, "What we do is make the biggest dreams come true for kids battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. We help families by sending food, warrior boxes containing toys and clothing, and even financial support sometimes." 

Most families find out about Campaign OAAT through social media or are referred by others with previous experiences. But, in Hudson's case, it was a bit different.

Adisyn Gray, Hudson's mother, has been using her social media accounts to educate people about childhood cancers. 

"Every day, 47 kids in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer and two out of three kids will have lifelong side effects they have to live with." Gray educates these facts and more along with progress check-in with Hudson. 

Grey recalls how she came to learn of Campaign OAAT, "They (Campaign OAAT) came across my Instagram account and reached out. I post the same content there as my other socials to bring awareness to childhood cancer. They sent me a message saying who they were and wanting to meet me and my family.  I did a Zoom call and they said we want to send your family to Disney World for seven days and six nights…. I had no clue they were going to do this. After the Zoom call I was sitting in the parking lot getting ready for Penelope's swim lessons. My mom showed up, and I broke down crying. Somebody out there was willing to organize this for us". 

This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some children, But Campaign OATT can't do it alone. People can donate to Hudson's cause by visiting https://www.campaignoaat.org/campaign-program/heroesforhudson. Hudson's campaign is to raise $5,000. The amount will cover the cost for Hudson and his whole family to enjoy a week-long vacation. Please consider donating today to help fulfill Hudson's dream. 


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