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Hola México 


To travel or not to travel. That is the question for couples like my husband and I. We love to travel, however, COVID-19 put a damper on that like many things. 

Turquoise waters, white sand and fresh guacamole was enough to convince us to look into Mexico. A passport and a negative COVID test was all we needed to return. It appeared easy enough and we knew many people who had already made the trip. A few clicks online and we found ourselves on an international flight bound for Mexico.

The airport was surprisingly a bustling place. Travelers, pilots and workers alike all masked swarming every terminal. Almost felt like life had returned back to pre-COVID times. 

Our arrival in Mexico was a breeze. Customs welcomed the hordes of tourists and we were swept away to our resort with ease, except for the taxi ride. That was like riding shotgun with Dominic Toretto from the Fast and Furious franchise. 

Masks appeared optional for guests. We saw it all. No masks, double masks, handkerchiefs and face shields. Guests took it as far as wearing them on the beach. It was apparent that this resort, full of international tourists, had as many inconsistencies with masks as us Americans do. 

The most difficult part of the trip was making sure we booked our COVID test and that it was negative. It would be us who were trapped in a resort room for two weeks living off of room service fish-sticks and chocolate cake. Which doesn’t sound so bad when you think about it. However, we would prefer to come back home without a hitch.

Other than the heedless taxi drivers, the paperwork was an unexpected hurdle. Nov 8 was the first day the United States required additional paperwork for travelers to enter the country. Multiple health questionnaires were required and it was obvious the guest services were not prepared to juggle it all. Two hours of standing in line and we finally made it through. The rest of our trip back to the United States was “no hay problema”.

If you are thinking about traveling, I would highly recommend Mexico. Not only does the country have beautiful beaches, delicious food and relaxed travel restrictions, but it is the closest any normal person will get to experiencing the Indy 500. 


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