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Hail of a storm


Storms sprinkled through the Ozarks over the holiday weekend, leading to a ravage hail storm Sunday, May 26. While tornados and high winds were creating hazards around Webster County, many homes, vehicles and other property were damaged by fast flying hail, some of which was larger in size than a baseball.

Hundreds of locals took to social media to share in the disbelief of the size of the ice that was falling out of the sky. It started with quarter size hail that tapered off, leading many to wander outside to check on their vehicles… Within minutes the baseball sized chunks were pounding into roofs, windows and people alike.

“Our skylights and the greenhouse attached to the house are toast,” said Jill Phillips.

Dozens of Mail readers shared photos in nearly 200 comments on the Mail’s initial post on Facebook. You can see more photos there.

“We havea metal roof and it was so loud, I actually got in the bathroom because I wasn't positive we didn't have rotation,” said Kieri-anne Humphrey. “The truck is in pretty bad shape but no one got hurt, so I'm calling it a win. Down by my daughters, sister and mom yesterday, there were five people killed so I'm not complaining. And apparently there was a lot of damage in MO/AR too… It's just crazy.”

Local insurance agents are working to resolve damages and help customers in filing claims. For any questions on whether or not you should file a claim, reach out directly to your provider for assistance.


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