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GRO Marshfield offers grants for small businesses


For the first time ever, GRO Marshfield is offering a small business grant, designed to assist new or existing Marshfield businesses. The grant fund of $8,400 will provide capital to a Marshfield business that is either a start-up or expanding existing business.

“This small business grant is available until October 15 through GRO Marshfield,” said President of GRO Marshfield, Duane Lavery. “The board said we had this money here and we figured we’d try giving a small grant. If someone wants to do a startup, here’s some capital you might be able to use.”

GRO Marshfield allotted these funds for small-businesses to use to reimburse property, building, construction, or modification expenses as well as business equipment, fixtures or supplies.

“This will be something that can push them over the finish line or get them to move forward on the project,” he added.

Eligible businesses must be a for-profit entity with no more than 10 total or full-time equivalent Marshfield employees as of Sept. 1, 2021. Applicant businesses must have been in continuous operation since Jan. 1, 2020 or is scheduled to be opened by Dec. 31, 2021.

Businesses not eligible for funding include those that are: publicly traded, clubs, lobbying firms, operates an adult entertainment establishment or produces adult entertainment, gambling, hospitals, private schools, long-term care centers and more. For full details, please visit gromarshfield.com/gro-marshfield-small-business-grant or request an application by emailing engage@gromarshfield.com.


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