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Goodbye Black Friday?


Large crowds, cold weather and discounts that cannot be beat. Many shoppers find themselves wrapped around corporate stores and businesses the day after Thanksgiving. For some, the discounts justify the crowds, but for others it is not the case. 

Store employees spend long hours preparing for the holiday rush; stocking shelves and arranging displays. Many of these hours are spent away from their families for large and sometimes impatient crowds. Beau Matney, Marshfield native, has experienced this first hand.

“When I worked Black Friday, I watched grandmas tussle over towels,” laughed Mateny. “I could not wait to get off my shift that night.”  

However, many companies have kicked Black Friday to the curb, affording their employees to spend time with family or enjoy time off. During the 2020 holiday season many corporations encouraged employees to stay home, not only for respite, but to combat COVID-19 by reducing the need for large gatherings.

Additionally, alternatives to Black Friday have become popular over the years. Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have taken a front seat on the list of beloved shopping days. Not only does shopping at small businesses keep tax dollars local, but it also strengthens the local economy to promote future growth. The option of shopping Cyber Monday during 2020 saved multiple businesses from the devastating economical effects of COVID-19.

The Tuesday following Thanksgiving has officially been deemed “Giving Tuesday”. It was created to counter the extravagance and consumerism that takes place the days before. Shoppers are encouraged to give something back, however small, whether donating to worthy causes, or volunteering one’s time. A positive way to spend time during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

It is also rumored that shoppers may not see the “DoorBusters” they are used to this year. Current supply chain issues have some of America’s favorite products scares, along with long shipping times. Nonetheless, it is hopeful the new Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal could improve the supply chain from ship to store. 

Many are hopeful that the Black Friday they know and love will return this season, but with supply issues and alternatives trending it all may be up in the air. Regardless of where shoppers spend their money or time, it is apparent that kindness is key to surviving the holidays. 

“It is extremely stressful on employees. If you have to wait in a long line, remember they are doing the best they can,” explained Matney. “If you decide to go shopping Black Friday, be kind to the retail workers.”


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