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From soldier to writer


It's incredible what places your passion can take you. Take, for example, author Robert Paul. As a child, he loved reading.

"My mother would read to me even when I was in the womb, and ever since, I have loved to read." Reading stories would take him on fantastic journeys as he grew up an air force brat. He would attend school in Strafford for a time and later get his GED. On and off while reading, Paul would start to write but never really had the time to focus. That was especially the case after the events of 9/11. From there, Paul would answer the call to serve his country, where he joined the Missouri Army National Guard and was deployed twice.

During one of his deployments, Paul found some inspiration. He began writing his first book on and off. Eventually, Paul retired from service and found more time to focus on his book. Passion would spring up, and he would get his first book finished and published shortly after.

But Paul had more ideas and, in just a year and a half, has published three books, with a fourth one expected to be released by Mar. 17.

His books include the following:

Wolves of the Holy Crusade, The First Holy Crusade.

Wolves of the Holy Crusade, The Ard Ri War

Wolves of the Holy Crusade, The English War.

These books are available through Amazon and Kindle.

"My books so far blend historical records and fictional characters based on my family, friends, and honored battle buddies," says Paul. "The adventures take you right to the book titles and will not end until my patrons' tire of that path."

Paul's adventures will be in more than just the crusades; he also plans other adventures. Those ventures include the American Civil War and Plains Indian Wars, feature pirates, and even dive into the realm of myths with dragons. "I hope everyone will enjoy what I've written so far and look forward to what I will write next."


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