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Five spooky songs for Halloween


It’s Halloween weekend, and you are hosting a party. The food is prepared, and the decorations are top notch with a 12-foot-tall skeleton standing outside to greet the guests, but what’s this? There is no music? Oh no! What will you do? Fear not, imaginary person I came up with. I have a list of songs you can play to get the heads rolling. In no particular order, here are five songs to get spooky!

Thriller by Michael Jackson:Can you generally have a party or fun without this Michael Jackson Halloween classic? It has everything: a catchy beat, a signature dance, and narration from Horror icon Vincent Price! Indeed a great song that even gets the dead grooving. Speaking of the dead

Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo:“It’s a dead man’s party. Who could ask for more?” Indeed this song from the 80s knew how to have a good time. It’s catchy beat and live music keep the dead going after Thriller has faded. Do yourself a favor and find the extended cut of this song. It’s six minutes of spooky references and more Danny Elfman goodness.

Disturbia by Rihanna:Honestly, you could play the original or the cover by The Cab, and both do an excellent job for Halloween. These songs give that festive yet dark theme that will keep the younger generation of monsters entertained. While you keep the party going long into the night, but not too long since most people have to work the next day.

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr: Another staple for Halloween is from the hit movie by the same title. The song encourages you not to be afraid of the unknown; all you need to do is call the Ghostbusters.

This is Halloween by Danny Elfman:Shoutout to this Disney classic that is a guaranteed hit. From The Nightmare Before Christmas, this song covers all the things that go bump in the night while also being lighthearted “That’s our job but we’re not mean in our town of Halloween.”

Hopefully, this list helps you get in the mood for Halloween or saves the imaginary party I made up. Until next time have a great rest of your graveyard shift!


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