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Financial Excellence for City of Marshfield


It takes a lot of people performing different jobs day in and day out for a city to work seamlessly. Most of the time city employees do their jobs without much acknowledgment or spotlight because as long as your water is running, there isn’t much to worry about. But, there is more to keeping a city running smoothly than running water and it starts with the budget. 

This past week the City of Marshfield received a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting award from the GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association) “They (GFOA) takes the financial statements from the city, audited or otherwise, and they review the information,” explained Monica Robinson, Finance Director for the City of Marshfield. “It’s not to access the financial health of our city, but it is to ensure that any user, citizen of Marshfield, etc. can pick up our financial statements and access our financial health because our statements are formatted  consistently with government accounting standards.”

According the Mayor of Marshfield, Natalie McNish, receiving this award is “a testament to the hard work of Monica Robinson”. Monica is essentially responsible for balancing the city checkbook. “I am responsible for the general ledger for the city, keeping expenses and revenues in the correct accounts, bank reconciliation, balancing accounts, preparing financial statements, assist our auditor in providing documentation and preparing reports for our Mayor and board of alderman,” shared Monica about her responsibilities to keep our city running not just smoothly, but fiscally responsibly. 

“If you have questions ask them, its (the budge and reports) are there for everyone, our citizens, to review. I’m happy to talk to you about them, the city administrator, the mayor and the board of aldermen are all happy to answer questions,” Monica explained when asked to share advice about the finances. To review the city’s budget visit: https://marshfieldmo.gov/city/departments/finance.

Monica has worked for the City of Marshfield since 2013 and served as the Financial Director since 2018. The city has received the Certificate of Achievement award for four years in a row now. When Monica isn’t at work you can find her outside, “ I like doing CrossFit, kayaking, reading, gardening or anything outdoors,” she laughed. 



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