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Don’t have a cow!


My husband and I were entrusted with the family farm this past weekend, managing over 600 acres and close to 150 beef cows. I thought it sounded like a daunting chore due to the fact that it takes multiple families to run it on a daily basis. 

However, it was a wonderful experience, even feeding 6 bales of hay in what felt like a Missouri hurricane. The life of a farmer is a quiet and unfortunately at times, a thankless job, but that does not matter to me. Spending the morning listening to the birds chirp, the slow whisper of the creek and the cow’s praise when receiving their morning grain was enough to understand why people choose this career. 

Spring even blessed the farm with the cutest calves you have ever seen. Between the new additions to the farm, the early mornings and honest work, I grin ear to ear. The life of a farmer is a beautiful thing and I know how fortunate my husband and I are to play that role, even if it’s just part of the time. 


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