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COVID cases could climb at holiday gatherings


Ahead of Thanksgiving, the Webster County Health Unit is monitoring active cases in its communities as COVID continues its pandemic. With 111 deaths since the beginning, the health unit urges those who remain unvaccinated to continue masking and social distancing.

“It’s been ten days since our last update. In that time, active cases have risen from 21 to 50 in the county,” said Administrator for the Webster County Health Unit Scott Allen. “It’s important to get vaccinated and if you’re not, continue to wear a mask and keep your distance when in public spaces.”

As of Nov. 4, Webster County was sitting at 22 new cases of COVID-19. Numbers reported Monday, Nov. 15 show the health unit has added 63 cases. In addition to this, there are 5 new COVID deaths that have been reported and two Webster County residents currently hospitalized with COVID in Springfield area hospitals. 

Regarding sewershed sampling, the marker copies per day of COVID-19 in Marshfield remain too low to accurately identify a variant, but it is worthy to note that the markers have increased tenfold from Oct. 31 (38,600 per day) to Nov. 7 (357,400 per day). According to the Health Unit, staff will continue to monitor this data.

The state data reports that 30,926 doses of vaccine have been administered to Webster County residents. 15,676 (39.6%) of Webster County residents have initiated vaccination and 14,289 (36.1%) have completed the process. 71.8 % of our seniors (65+) are fully vaccinated, as are 9% of children (5-17). 490 doses of vaccine have been administered to county residents in the past 7 days.

For more information on COVID testing or vaccination, contact the Webster County Health Unit at (417) 859-2532 or visit webstercohealth.com.


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