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City spring clean opportunities planned


As the weather starts to warm up and people start cleaning up their years, the city of Marshfield has announced the dates of limb pick-up.

The schedule is as follows:

Mar. 25-29

June. 10-14

Oct. 14-18

The city asks for participants to have the limbs stacked with the cut end towards the street, keeping them off the road to not block or inconvenience traffic. You can start making the limb piles before the first start date, but no earlier than two weeks. Following these guidelines, it will help crews work quickly and efficiently.

Marshfield City Administrator Sam Rost also reminds everyone, "This service is for normal maintenance, if a tree trimmer is hired to come in and remove a tree, they are required to take care of the brush, our service is not to replace or compete with private services for hire."

The pick-up crews will run for a week or until all areas of Marshfield have been cleared. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the City Administrator at 417-859-2352 during their operating hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“We don’t have a specific route or direction on where we’ll start but we’ll start on March 25 and go around until they’re picked up,” he added. “Just be sure you have them out before that start date and they’re lined up correctly. If they’re pushed out to the road with equipment or a tractor or anything, it will not be picked up.”

The City of Marshfield’s community-wide clean up is also coming up, scheduled for May 9-11 and May 16-18 at the Marshfield Fairgrounds.

“We are always trying to make a better Marshfield. We realize the struggles and the difficulties and the costs associated with getting rid of junk and trash. In an effort to work with individuals that might have properties or may not have avenues to get rid of things from certain properties, we tried to give them an avenue to get rid of that stuff that we may end up having to address through a code violation or a property cleanup violation,” Rost explained.

Dumpsters will soon be available for citizens to drop off unwanted items and an attendant will be on duty. The event is free, only to city residents. To enter, photo identification will be required.

“The dumpsters will be at the Fairgrounds near the old pool,” said Rost. “It’s free to Marshfield citizens, just have proof of residency.”

The six-day event will operate during daytime hours, Thursdays (5/9 & 5/16) and Fridays (5/10 & 5/17) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturdays (5/11 & 5/18) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. According to Rost, Code Enforcement Officer Rick Fletcher spends a lot of time promoting keeping Marshfield cleaned up, this is an opportunity for citizens to get rid of those things that they’d normally be in violation for.

“We’ve done this every year for a while, except for one year due to COVID,” added Rost. “The only things we won’t really take are what we can’t dispose of… such as tires, grass clippings, wet paint cans and tvs.”

Other items on the no-list include hazardous materials, monitors, roofing shingles and appliances with freon. This includes stoves or air conditioners with freon.

“In conjunction with this clean-up event, we’ve got the citywide garage sale coming up,” Rost said. “We usually limit permitted garage sales to two per year.”

The citywide garage sale will be held May 9-11 and will require a special permit from City Hall to participate, though it’s free to sign your location up. Per city code, garage sales within the city are free-for-all on the first Saturday of each month between April and October. However, those who wish to use their allotted two permits per year can hold multiple-day sales free of charge by visiting City Hall for the form.

“We strongly encourage the signage for those sales… they can’t be in the rightaway,” added Rost. “We do request that you pick them up as soon as your sale is over, if not that leaves city staff to have to take care of that.”


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