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Chatting on the Green


The 2022 Fall Sports season is in full swing. In the case of the Marshfield Girls Golf team, that term is literal. With only three months to the season, there is no time to waste. Coming out of two tournaments where she placed first and fifth is State Champion Marleen Edgeman who is instructed by Marshfield Girls Golf Coach Cheratin Hunter. The Marsfield Mail was able to chat with the student-athlete and her coach. 

Question: What got you interested in golf? 

Edgeman: My parents and Grandpa started taking me out to Whispering Oaks Golf Course at the young age of five, and I have not stopped picking up a club ever since. 

Q: How long are these tournaments? 

Edgeman: It depends on the conditions. They can go anywhere from three to six hours. 

Q: Has the new four-day school week affected practice or changed?

Hunter: Nothing yet has majorly affected us. In the past, we have had tournaments on Mondays. This year there are a couple of matches that while all Marleen's friends are enjoying the day off, we will be out there golfing.

Q: Are you excited about the season? Thoughts?

Edgeman: I'm excited about the season. I still have friends in high school from the other schools. We are a small but mighty team.

Hunter: I'm super excited for Marleen because she won state last year. Within these first two tournaments this season, I can already see a difference from her golf game the previous year. So it is exciting to see what she will accomplish this year and hopefully get her right back up there in first place. Still, you know, I'm not trying to put pressure on her by any means, but I think she is going to accomplish a lot of great things this season. 

You can catch Marleen and the rest of the team including Isabella Russell and Gioia Frick this Thursday at 9:00 a.m. at the Marshfield Girls Golf Invitational at the Whispering Oaks Golf Course.


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