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Brick-Nose Bully gears up for HomeTown Pulls


The 85th Annual Webster County Fair will be full of flashy carnival rides, the aroma of cotton candy, and the rolling thunder of engines filling the nights air. On July 4, Webster County will host the HomeTown Truck and Tractor Pulls with numerous competitors looking to put on a show.

One competitor in particular is no stranger to the event. In fact, he has competed in the circuit for the past three seasons with his 1988 Ford F-250, labeled “The Brick-Nose Bully”. The man behind the machine keeping the “Bully” up to top gear is none other than Marshfield native, Jake Thornton.

Thornton loves every moment behind the wheel.
“I grew up watching truck pulls and being around folks who did it all the time,” shared Thornton. A number of Thornton’s buddies also participate in truck pulls.

The “Brick-Nose Bully” is mean both on and off the track; it is also Thornton’s daily driver. Adding a few modifications for pulling, Thornton is aware that his truck is not invincible.
“You get started on the track and let off that clutch. Suddenly you're at three to four-thousand RPMs,” described Thornton. "I start thinking ‘what could go wrong?’ and everything you've done to the truck in the last year is going through your head.”

Thornton plans on competing in the Hometown Gas category and encourages everyone to come and enjoy the fair.
“It’s been fun for the last 100 years, I don’t know why it won’t be fun this year.”


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