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An outlet for homeschooled atheltes


Marshfield Christians in Action (C.I.A) is a homeschool sports program for the Marshfield area. Children ages 11-18 years of age can participate. The organization offers cheer, cross country, and basketball for homeschooled and private schooled kids that do not have the opportunity to play school sports. 


According to boys varsity coach and program organizer Shannon Pruiett, him and his wife, Joy, had parents coming to them and telling them that if they started a sports program in the community then they would gladly let their kids play for them. 


“One of the main reasons for starting this is because we want to provide a place for kids in the homeschool community to participate in sports,” stated Joy Pruiett. “There are programs this like this in Springfield but that is a waste of a drive. The teams are also really competitive and a lot of homeschool families do not have the money or the time to invest. Their kids may not even be at that level.”


The C.I.A. is a Christian based program. The team can be said to ‘compete while glorifying God’. With a mission statement of ‘portraying Christ through our life and actions,’ the team will play all sports in the program in the name of the Lord. 


‘When we got started we prayed about if we were supposed to do this or not,” mentioned Shannon. “About a week before we got started we reached out to three people for help and we needed at least two of them to say yes. All three said yes. When we came together we decided that we wanted to represent Christ while playing sports and to put it into action.” 


With multiple students participating the organization was able to create three basketball teams this season: 

A girls basketball team coached by Jennifer Difranco, a junior varsity boys basketball team coached by Eric Yarnell and a varsity boys basketball team coached by Shannon Pruiett. 


Along with basketball happening this winter, the organization has a cheer team coached by Valerie Day. 


While traveling to some of the games, the teams will play all of the home games at the Marshfield Community Center. The teams have already started the season with a home opener on Nov. 12, winning all three games against Lakewest. The teams then hosted another home game on Nov. 16 against MG Christian, losing all three games. Lastly, traveling to Billings on Nov. 18, to take on the CMA Stallions with both teams winning. 


The CIA will have their next home game at the MAC on Nov. 30, starting at 6p.m. Admission is as follows 3 & under Free, Adults $3, Students $2,


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