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Alumni Luncheon continues to honor Bluejay grads


The Marshfield Schools Alumni Luncheon took place on Saturday, April 29 with a packed cafeteria at the Marshfield First Baptist Church. Five Bluejays received their honorary diplomas from Marshfield High School and two Distinguished Alumni awarded with plaques noting their contributions to the community following graduation in addition to Marshfield graduates of all ages enjoying lunch and fellowship with one another.

The luncheon featured two popular dishes from Marshfield historic restaurants, Lola’s Kitchen and the Garbage Can Cafe. The beloved cashew chicken recipe was prepared by the daughters of Lola Fern Day, Linda Day Cox (Class of 1976), Cindy McKee (Class of 1975), Cheryl Fields (Class of 1981) and Malissa Fields (Class of 1988–Springfield). They also prepared mini world-famous cherry pies using the recipe of Letha Lowery, late owner of the historic Garbage Can Cafe, provided by Letha’s daughter, Carole Smith (Class of 1964).

Stacy Atkison (Class of 1985) led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem after a welcome from Nicholas Inman (Class of 2000), Cherry Blossom festival founder.

In 2021, the alumni association voted to begin a new tradition of presenting honorary diplomas to deserving individuals, former students, community supporters and retired educators. The first recipients were Dee Lewis (Class of 1951) and Bill Walker (Class of 1953). Lewis and Walker were both retired educators from Marshfield High School and they were presented their honorary diplomas by a representative of the above-mentioned graduating class. In 2022, Robert “Junior” McDonald (Class of 1949), Roberta (Teague) Rozell (Class of 1951) and Judy (Alexander) Young (Class of 1961) were chosen. In 2023, Michael Speer (Class of 2000), Emma Bell (Class of 1984), Shirley Mae Day (Class of 1953) and Doris Ann (Banta) Hunt (Class of 1959) were selected to be presented honorary diplomas.

Emma (Tripp) Bell (Class of 1984), Michael Spear (Class of 2000), Roberta (Teague) Rozell (Class of 1951), Doris Ann (Banta) Hunt (Class of 1959) and Shirley Mae Day (Class of 1953) were presented with honorary diplomas at this year’s festivities.

Real estate agent and auctioneer Hoover Case (Class of 1968), and Greene County Judge Andy Hosmer (Class of 1982) were also presented with Distinguished Alumni awards. Hoover’s son, James introduced his father prior to the award and Judge Hosmer was introduced by his brother, Craig.

The following MHS Alumni have been honored as Distinguished Alumni at the annual luncheon:

2010 – Sara Sue (Hailey) Bouldin (Class of 1958)

2012 – Robert Garst (Class of 1937) and Edith (Anderson) Garst (Class of 1940)

2013 – Jack Watters (Class of 1944)

2014 – Jean (Tindle) Greer (Class of 1947)

2015 – Harold Bouldin (Class of 1949) and Dan Beckner (Class of 1955)

2016 – Dr. Marjorie Harmon (Class of 1944)

2017 – Roy Howard Beck (Class of 1966) and Craig Hosmer (Class of 1977)

2018 – Donnie Crawford (Class of 1961) and Paul Potter (Class of 1952) and Nancy (Roper) Potter (Class of 1953)

2019 – John David Roper (Class of 1955) and General Jerry Ragsdale (Class of 1965)

2020 – Owen Jackson (Class of 1953) and General Neal T. Jaco (Class of 1954)

2021 – Jerry Anderson (Class of 1951)

2022 – Betty (Vinyard) Herman (Class of 1943) and John M. Collett (Class of 1991)

The Marshfield High School Alumni Luncheon began in 2010 as an annual spring gathering of Blue Jay Alumni following the discontinuation of the annual Marshfield High School Alumni Banquet (several years previous). Following the discontinuation of the Alumni Banquet there was no longer an organized reunion of MHS Alumni. Thus, several former members of the banquet committee came together to plan an annual alumni luncheon during the Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival as the newly formed Marshfield High School Alumni Association.

This year’s luncheon was dedicated in memory of Marthann Shook (Class of 1951) who was a longtime member of the luncheon committee. The 2023 luncheon committee consisted of: Darleen (Gower) Anderson (Class of 1951), Carmen (Layman) Graybill (Class of 1953), Lola Belle (Graves) Underwood (Class of 1954), Martha (Andreatta) Myers (Class of 1959), Lynda (Davis) Clair (Class of 1960), Betty (Muse) Price (Class of 1961), Laurabeth (Bagley) Smith (Class of 1969), Linda (Post) Dickinson (Class of 1970) and Nicholas W. Inman (Class of 2000).

To see more photos from this event, visit the Marshfield Mail Facebook page.


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