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9/11 memorial event coming to Marshfield


Marshfield’s Board of Aldermen met Thursday, July 8, approving the planning of a new September 11 memorial event.

“I have been wanting to do a 9-11 memorial event for some time. This year marks 20 years since the attacks so I developed an idea for the event and pitched it to a few area individuals to gauge the communities support,” said Marshfield Mayor Natalie McNish. 

“The board did approve the event and at this point, everyone has been excited to see this take form and many have offered ideas to supplement the initial plans.”

The original idea includes fields of flags to symbolize the lives lost, a bank of search lights at night to represent the towers and a ceremony in real-time to mark each event intertwined with “Where Were You” stories from select locals.

“We really don’t know what it’s going to be...I do plan to reach out to an organization that does the light towers, much like what they do in New York City. We hope to have a version of that here in Marshfield for that night,” she added. “But again, all of that is going to be brought to the committee.”

The Park Board did approve a small budget for the event, in which McNish requested the reactivation of the Patriot Park sub-committee for planning purposes. Numerous activities and fundraisers are in the works for the event, with details to come. 

Their motion stated that all events must encompass the theme of the park and overall mission of the group. The sub-committee will announce event details once they are finalized.


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