Marshfield sophomore Jackson Wolff in the MSHSAA state sectional golf tournament at Briarbrook Golf Course in Carl Junction on Monday and nabbed his first hole-in-one on his way to an 86-stroke finish. The score put him just two strokes away from the cutoff for state qualification.

The day started on a down note for the Blue Jay golfer, who shot a triple bogey on his first hole of the tournament and followed up with a double on the next.

Marshfield head golf coach Reggie Smith observed that Wolff didn’t let his back-nine score of 47 get him down. “After making the turn, he kept a positive attitude and said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m gonna shoot a 35 on this side!”

Halfway through the front nine, Wolff’s game progressed into excellence. He shot par on the fifth and sixth holes before picking up a birdie at the par-five hole seven. It all led up to a single drive at the par-three hole eight. With an 8 iron, the sophomore knocked a 164-yard shot onto the green, just a few feet ahead of the hole, where it took backspin route to sink in. The eagle hole-in-one was Wolff’s first ever.

Unfortunately, Wolff’s excellent play on the front-end of the course was offset by his earlier troubles, putting him just shy of his state-qualifying opponents.

Marshfield junior James Ghan also competed in the event but struggled to make par throughout the day and came away with a total score of 97.

“I was very pleased with our efforts at sectionals, and both boys walked off the course with a goal of making it to state next season,” said Smith.

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