One of the common things left out of a Bug Out Bag (BOB) is some kind of shelter. Most often there are a few reasons this happens.

  1. Most folks think of shelter as being a large tent, and there is not enough room in a BOB for something that large. Making it big would defeat the very purpose of the BOB.

  2. Most folks really don’t think they will be very far from their vehicle and, “Why make more issues by having to get out of the weather when all you have to do is get in the car?”

  3. Probably the last reason is some of the tents these days need a PhD in Tentology to figure out!

  4. Ah, now enters the Life Tent, a waterproof and windproof survival tube tent. It comes with 20-feet of 550-pound nylon core paracord that resists moisture, mildew and abrasions and is extra-thick tear and puncture resistant. The interior reflects up to 90% of your body heat back to you, keep you warm, dry and protected from the elements and it has some other pluses. One of the negatives, however, is we don’t carry it yet.

  5. But we do carry a variety of easily set up smaller tents large enough for a family camping trip and light weight enough to be transported easily via boat, ATV or on your hiking back. We also have added some new survival and camp meals and mess kits and a host of new supplies we have wanted to offer for sometime.

  6. Face it folks, the happier the kiddos are and the happier your spouse is, the more fun you’ll have in the great outdoors. If the conditions are comfortable … the more likely it is you’ll get to do your adventuring again and again.

  7. Today, it is easy to carry many of the conveniences from home into the field. Each time you camp out you learn something that could help your family survive … if you weren’t there to help them. The more they know, the safer they are. 

  8. But the real payoff is the memories you will make.  Probably few of us can recall what we received on a particular Christmas, but we always will have the memories of being in the wild. 

  9. Still have questions? Let our friendly and knowledgeable sporting goods staff  help. All you need to do is come on down to Orscheln’s.

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