Sometimes, you come up against a really good team and sometimes, you come up against a really hot team. Sometimes, you have to play against a team that’s a little of both. That was the situation for the Logan-Rogersville High School boys soccer team Monday night.

The Wildcats were shut out 5-0 at home by the Willard Tigers and fell to 12-7 on the season. For Willard, it was their fifth win in a row, raising their season record to 13-9.

"We could have played a little bit better,” Wildcat sophomore Brian Marten said. “We went against a good team and played the best that we could.”

The Tigers scored two goals in the first 10 minutes of the game and two more goals by the 26-minute mark of the first half. Willard held a 4-0 lead against Rogersville at halftime.

“We weren't marking everyone up in the midfield and we left a lot of them open,” Marten said. “We didn't do a good job with our runs on the ball.”

Marten tried to get the Wildcat's offense moving with a chance to get Rogersville a goal on the scoreboard in the second half. His shot from the top of the box missed over the crossbar.

“I put my foot too low on the ball, so it went high when I kicked it,” Marten said.

Willard scored another goal with 16 minutes remaining in the second half to arrive at the final 5-0 margin.

“In the second half, our wings marked up and we were a little more balanced in the midfield,” Marten said. “Our defense was able to push up and defend the ball, and stop them from going by us.”


The Wildcats host Aurora this Friday, then will face the Houn' Dawgs again in the first round of the district tournament at 6 p.m. Monday on the Wildcats’ home field.

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