An outsized Blue Jays team protected home field for over an hour last Tuesday before Logan-Rogersville broke through and came away with a 4-1 victory in Marshfield.

A handball call sent Marshfield to the spot just over seven minutes into the second half that allowed senior Danny Parrish to slot an equalizer to tie the match 1-1, but the Wildcats pulled away as senior Austin Revels delivered a hat-trick performance that helped the visitors to victory.

The Blue Jays were guilty of committing handballs twice after deadlocking the score that sent them chasing the game. Sophomore Mathew Derecichei dove correctly to his right but couldn’t stop Revels’ second goal of the evening with 15:48 left. Less than two minutes later, Revels picked out the upper-right corner for a penalty that broadened his team’s lead and completed his third hat trick of the year.

Revels was quick to divulge his accuracy on penalties this season –– a perfect 4-for-4 –– and nearly revealed his strategy of where he directs them when presented the opportunity to take multiple PKs in the same game.

"Wherever I go the first time … actually, I shouldn't say that," Revels said, laughing. "Just putting it in the back of the net, that's the approach."

While Brayton Knight’s slicing shot from the edge of the box capped L-R's scoring with over 12 minutes remaining, Revels got it going by holding off a defender and chipping an onrushing Derecichei to open the scoring with 24:11 on the clock in the first half.

After being used at the point of the midfield as a junior, Revels is enjoying life even more as a central forward this season.

"It's working out well," Revels said. "I think we've got a better attack than we did last year. I like being up top, scoring goals, getting the assists, all that jazz."

The Wildcats (8-3) scoring is up to 3.2 goals per game, roughly a goal more than last fall.

Marshfield head coach Tom Searson conceded he wasn't especially surprised with an opening half that wasn’t his team’s best after giving it all in a 2-1 home loss to Monett the night before

"We came out and picked the intensity, and we definitely worked hard," Searson said. "Mathew came up with a couple huge saves, my backs held on, held on, but we got a couple of those PK calls and that put us behind it. We just can’t have those lulls where we get down, we've got to maintain. The biggest message [after the game] was to never quit.

"I think it was closer than 4-1, but we’ve just got to keep going at it. We've got a lot of season left."

Mid-week trips for the Blue Jays (3-5-1) to Greenwood and Aurora will be followed by this weekend's Willard Fall Classic, which the Wildcats will also participate in.

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