On Wednesday, Marshfield High School installed two new scoreboards and a video board in their main gym. Marshfield activities and transportation director Ronda Hubbard noted that the upgrade will have a range of benefits for Blue Jay athletes, students and parents, and perhaps most excitingly, it came at zero cost to the district.

“We had a luncheon with a number of area businesses in the spring,” said Hubbard. “And we walked away with all of the funds we needed to make this happen.”

Local businesses Post Game Pizza, Perkins Diesel, Central Bank, Complete Realty and Rockwood Family Dental all made the decision to sponsor the scoreboards and now have advertisements displayed along the edges of the equipment.

Hubbard also indicated that the video board could be used to integrate sponsored content into the home game experience. “We’ve talked about doing a smile cam sponsored by Dr. Rockwood,” said Hubbard. “But that’s just one example.”

The video board, especially, would be a big part of enhancing the home game environment, Hubbard says. She noted that MHS media students would have the opportunity to operate it at games, as well as produce graphics, like starting player profiles, that would be seen by all who attend.

“One of the things that’s most exciting is that we’ll be able to highlight things that have happened in other parts of the district,” said Hubbard.

In addition to the videoboard, the school has also installed two scoreboards, the larger of which has space to display individual player stats. Currently, that display is set up for volleyball in the fall season and will track the number of aces and kills of the players on court for each team. Once basketball season starts, the feature will be used to display individual points and fouls.

It’s a feature that many other Class 4 and 5 school scoreboards have, and Hubbard notes that catching up to that will be a good draw for Marshfield sports.

Mostly, though, the activities director is just proud to have seen community businesses rally around the upgrade so quickly and prop up something that will improve so many local sports lovers’ experiences.

“We’re just ecstatic that our community stepped up and made this possible,” Hubbard said. “The project would have never happened if these businesses hadn’t put up the support they did.”

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